“Aniv” Universal Credit Organization LLC was established in 2008 by “Aniv” Foundation which was promoting small and medium rural enterprises.
The goal of the Company is to keep up the mission of its founder – “Aniv” Foundation – aimed at improving the living standard of the remote rural population of Armenia and reducing poverty and emigration.
“Aniv” UCO LLC offers commercial and agricultural loans to farmers and legal entities acting in Armenia. Special attention is paid to funding those businesses in remote rural areas which will enable the local socially vulnerable people to improve their social-economical conditions and strengthen their independence by means of profit generated from the economic activity. The Company offers loans and credits also to those groups of people from remote areas for whom the services of other financial institutions are not accessible, as well as to those institutions which promote creation of sustainable work places for the disadvantaged strata of the population.














Updated  19/03/2013